EN 1090-1 – CE Marking for structural components in steel or aluminium

The EC labelling according to the UNI EN 1090-1: 2009/EC 1-2011 standard is aimed at manufacturers of structural components in steel or aluminium.

What is the UNI EN 1090 standard?

The harmonised EN 1090-1: 2009/EC 1-2011 standard “Execution of steel and aluminium structures Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components” describes the requirements and procedures for the application of the EC labelling, according to Directive 89/106/EEC and Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011. All manufacturers of steel and aluminium structures, which are already obliged to comply with the specific requirements for the metal structural steel sector (§ of DM 14.01.2008), must provide for their products’ and plants’ production, the implementation of EC labelling also according to EN 1090-1. This application, already voluntary from December 1, 2010, became mandatory from July 1, 2014. The manufacturer must firstly qualify their products through tests or initial type calculations and certify their FPC (Factory Production Control) through the intervention of an authorised Notified Body.

The EC label affixed must also indicate compliance with the intended use as specified in the various options of the standard itself.

According to the EN 1090 standard, organisations that make welded structures, or parts of them, made of steel or aluminium, must perform these activities in accordance with the relevant parts of the UNI EN ISO 3834 series standards. The relationship between the classes of execution of the structures and the applicable UNI EN ISO 3834 standards is contained in the standard EN 1090-1.

Furthermore, the UNI EN 1090 also refers to other standards for the qualification of welding processes and operators such as ISO 14731, ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 15614.

The products affected by the standard are among the most important in the civil works sector, such as metal structural works and their varied use for the realisation of construction works such as buildings, schools, offices and road infrastructures.

The UNI EN 1090-1 standard does not directly contain standards governing structural design and construction calculations, but duly refers to them. The design and calculation standards are established in the respective sections of the Eurocodes series 3 and series 9.

Requirements of the UNI EN 1090 standard

Regarding the required construction requirements, the references are the EN 1090-2 standards for steel structures and the EN 1090-3 standard for aluminium ones. The requirements for conformity assessment for all types of structures are defined according to a single standard, whether it is a simple roof of a large building or a bridge beam.

Note: The recognition of the CPR – European Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 is published on the Nando website (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) Information System.

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