Certification ISO 22000

Certification 22000:2015

In the food sector and in the production of feed there are requirements for the analysis of critical points (temperature, crossed paths etc.), therefore, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) issued in the context of the so-called “Codex Alimentarius” by the World Health Organization (WHO – this year appears in its 21st edition), the PAS 220: 2008 standard (a standard that describes in detail the system of the requirements necessary for the safe production of food raw materials) and the ISO 22000 standard (Food Safety Management System – FSMS). This groups together all the previous regulations and defines the requirements of the food safety management system throughout the production chain, starting from the raw material to the final product, including packaging, protection and distribution.

Thanks to the combination of system management and critical control points, the ISO 22000 standard contains indications on everything that has proved efficient and effective in the field of quality management and food safety control. The ISO 22000 standard refers to established methods, in particular regarding production technological processes, hygiene standards regarding production, transport, storage and control systems.

It is important that the system develops and improves together with the technological and social development of the company; in this way it will become an integral part of corporate management both from a human and financial point of view.

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